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We all know the panicky feeling of rushing into a bathroom stall that ends up having a broken lock or missing hook. You have to hover, hold the door, carry your bag, pray no one comes in, and go fast.


Suzanne Estes got that stall too many times, which ignited a brilliant idea: the Lock-a-Loo. It’s a keychain-sized accessory that can secure almost any bathroom stall while hanging your bag. All you do is clip it to your bag and wedge it between the door, and you can enjoy your private porcelain throne.


Suzanne took some (very exciting) field trips to the bathrooms at Home Depot, Target,
and Publix to create it. She needed to be meticulous about the dimensions, which she
prototyped herself with a 3D printer— since she’s a badass mechanical engineer.

After serving in the army as a Second Lieutenant and even working on rockets at Cape
Canaveral, she came home to be close to family and became a teacher and entrepreneur. Now, she’s using her skills to tackle a common problem a bit more down-to-earth. Pun intended.


The Lock-a-Loo also fits between the slats of a grocery cart, so no one can snatch your
bag while you shop. But security isn’t the only thing Suzanne is giving back to women.
As the owner of an all-female company, she wants to equip women with opportunities to

bring any of their ideas to life. And, sometimes, the best ones come from behind the
doors of a secure bathroom stall.


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